High Beams II

by Dandelion Hunter

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Recorded using micro cassette tapes, tape loops, and also a regular microphone.

Recorded in Athens, Ohio


released December 1, 2016

High Beams II featuring Salad
Your Body Knows Unheard Songs featuring Madeleine Toerne
Drums on Bird Bright Eyes and Your Body Knows Unheard Songs by Mitch



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Dandelion Hunter Athens, Ohio

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Track Name: High Beams II
Pale pink paint eroded by the weather as you sit and wait and hope that it gets better and the plants they die slowly from root rot as you pick up the pieces from the trail of an afterthought and you see people don't say what they mean and it's obscene I'm the vampire in your dreams as winter goes and as are flowers etched in wood I know that when you're alone you cry
Track Name: Bird Bright Eyes
Bird bright eyes
Stare from a motel bed
Drinking red wine
Fill the tub and submerge your head

Black cars driving
Through the pine trees
The road are winding
That's where you'll find me

There's a richness
In her voice
But I must have missed it
From all the other noise

Never dream of lovers
Only dream of violence
Safe under the covers
Underneath our eyelids
Track Name: Your Body Knows Unheard Songs
Finger stich and a broken fly swatter
Run away with someone else’s eldest daughter
I didn’t realize you were on my mind
I guess somethings you have to leave behind
The dogs will bark and let them bark
Don’t let them make your heart hard
It’s okay you’ve done nothing wrong
Your body knows unheard songs
Track Name: Wind or Ghosts
Turn over rocks watch bugs crawl out and not make a sound
It's the start of May it's your birthday you can hardly wait

We'll hide the clocks and go on walks
But not that far
Find a jar of stars

We know we need it but we don't know what we need it for
Your heart it will break on the floor in pieces of eight

We'll hide the clocks and go on walks
But not that far
Find a jar of stars

Oh was it wind or ghosts
Who do you love the most?
I see it all sometimes
It's different than whats in my mind